Promoting music, theatrical arts and multi-cultural activities

Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre Foundation

Besides promoting music, the theatrical arts and multi-cultural activities, the new foundation with its management  committee running the theatre’s operations and activities, also started to give financial aid to the poor and needy in Kreta Ayer as well as those from outside the constituency.


A Celebration of Singapore's 58th National Day with Cantonese Opera Classics. REGRETS . REJOICINGS

Credit for the following stunning photos goes to Freddy Chew, whose remarkable talent and truly grateful for his dedication and passion in preserving these cherished memories.

The Beginning

The Kreta Ayer People's Theatre is the brainchild of late deputy prime minister Goh Keng Swee, who had it built originally "to provide a convenient and permanent venue for elderly residents in Kreta Ayer to enjoy their favourite Cantonese opera".

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Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery

A community heritage gallery opening up in the heartlands of Singapore, bringing history, heritage, culture, conservation, preservation, learning and an all important intangible cultural heritage closer to the public. Introducing Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery, this is National Heritage Board’s (NHB) first community gallery that focuses on intangible cultural heritage.


Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery