Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery

Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery – Introduction

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Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery: The Culture Of Chinatown

We are happy to announce that Kreta Ayer will have its very own heritage gallery come the first quarter of 2019!
This community heritage gallery will showcase different aspects of the intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese community closely associated with the history of Kreta Ayer, such as Chinese opera, Nanyin, Chinese puppetry, calligraphy and tea appreciation. In preparation for this we are currently holding an artefact collection drive.
Cultural Medallion winner and leading Cantonese opera artist Joanna Wong has pledged a loan of her opera-related paraphernalia including her costumes, records and photo collection for display at the gallery. She encourages the public to share their artefacts, "so that these treasures get to be seen by more people, especially the young.”